Saturday, November 11, 2006

When the mood matches the environment

Remember that post in mid October maybe that said that I wasn't going to attempt to obtain a spinning wheel again until next year? Yeah... Should've followed my own advice. I can honestly say that I wasn't actively looking, I just sort of stumbled upon one that was for sale and even got the okay from the hubby (which is big) and right before I say that I will buy it the brakes in the Pathfinder start to act up noticeably. Bye bye wheel. Needless to say, I'm not in the best of moods -- so what is any self-respecting Virgo to do? You guessed it. Clean. My target of the day: bathroom/kitchen. We're talking nooks and crannies. And, lets be honest for a moment shall we? We're among friends... is there really anything sexier than an organized closet? Just saying. Well, maybe if Hugh Jackman or the like is standing next to it... I suppose I could concede that one... Anyway, there's still no sunlight so I haven't taken any new photos of the hoodie. So, in honor of the family that came down to visit the other day, some pictures that I took up north a while ago.

incidentally, I am thinking that my gauge was a tad looser on the second green sock, although it doesn't affect the width and I am using the same needles... oh well. It will work out and fits the same so K, it appears as though my streak continues (I have somehow managed to flub up once in every pair of socks that I've created so far...) but hopefully you wont notice or take the time to count the rows! :)


Jo said...

I think it might have had something to do with the content of the movie, Erica. If a thriller, your tension gets tighter. If a slow-moving feelgood, looser. Just what were you watching? (Need to know for the Knitting Police, you understand.)

P.S. Just as well it was a scented candle. There were clearly other options...

Erica said...

Well, definately not a thriller, more of a comedy really. The hubby and I have made a pact to watch some of the movies that we haven't seen in ages. That particular night was Van Helsing. And it is true that I lucked out with it only being a scented candle :)