Wednesday, November 15, 2006


I haven't posted in a while frankly because not a lot has been going on here! I thought I would show you a glimpse of Samhain though, it's a bit farther along now and it is definitely not blocked out in this photo, but here's a little taste.I admit that I haven't worked on the green sock since the whole gauge issue as I have been working on little miss' hoodie which, incidentally, I cannot seem to take a clear picture of! If you are curious, hit the Red Sweater KAL over on the sidebar, take a look at Anne's red sweater (as we are using the same yarn) and picture a rectangle with a seedstitch border. I am just about to where I will split it up to work on the front panels and back panel separately. Then the sleeves... and the hood! I don't know why I am so excited about the prospect of a hoodie, I just am and figured it would be easier to go with it than fight myself on it :)

Completely off the subject, have any of you been having weird dreams lately? Granted, I always seem to have my fair share of them (my hubby can vouch for that as he is usually the one that has to hear all about them) but I thought I would share a little snippet of one I had last night. I was this James Bond-esque person with a bright purple VWBug (totally not me!) as my pimped out vehicle chasing after these goons who had successfully killed me earlier in the dream (yeah, I don't know). So anyway, I am sitting on the roof of an abandoned warehouse waiting for them to leave their warehouse so I pull out my knitting. Yup. Sitting on the roof in the middle of nowhere, gun at my side, knitting. Not sure what it was, it was red though... hoodie perhaps? Here's the more true-to-life part though. The goons decide to make their getaway when I am in the middle of the row so I stand up (rather upset) and start yelling at them for not being considerate enough to let me finish the row that I was working on as they made me sit and wait for them for the better part of the day. See, I really do dream about fiber!

Let's see, what else... We went to see the Allergist yesterday. Sort of a wasted trip although he did give me some reading material that I haven't gotten to yet so it might not have been a complete waste of time. He reminded me of the Micro Machine commercial guy remember him from the 80's... Basically we keep doing what we have been and recheck him next mid to late summer to see what his levels are. Speaking of little man... he was playing with the camera so I took some shots of him - sorry, the lights were off as we were just goofing around but I thought his faces were kind of funny.

I love those footie pj's! So does he evidently. Things with little miss are good. She seems to be experiencing another growth spurt judging by appetite. She may catch up with her brother before she's a year old at this rate!

Other knitting news.... I am going through a "must purge before winter hits" thing and that includes the stash. I will have more info soon as I need to take a few pictures... Not a huge sale, but it will include a thing of Cherry Tree Hill sock yarn, some Noro, Lorna's sock yarn... I'll keep you posted.

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