Friday, November 10, 2006

Quick Update

Just wanted to pop in for a quick note since it's been a few days. I was working on the green sock while watching a movie the other night and was so excited because right as the movie was going to the end credits I finished what I thought at the time was the last row on the leg of the sock until I looked down and saw that I still had five more to go. Drat it all. However, now that I am looking at this picture it would appear as though my leg is long enough which means my gauge has changed or I miscounted. This will need some looking into. In other knitting news I have started working on little miss' hoodie but am not posting a picture now because the few that I have managed to take of the progress thus far are of even worse quality than normal. I will try again later today before I go to work. Speaking of pictures, my mom took little man for a birthday photo shoot and for any family reading this, I will send you a copy once I get them. I am thinking that I am going to work on the hoodie almost exclusively for a stint (except for the green sock -- I must look at what's going on with it because that is really bugging me) so I can get holiday pictures of little miss and little man.
At any rate, must go... lots to do before I head off...

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