Tuesday, January 09, 2018

Thomas Mitchell Park - July 2017

Thomas Mitchell Park is another place that the Dreams in Fiber household likes to frequent.  There is a playground and area where the kids can play ball, a pond for catching frogs and things, and some trails that weave in and out of a wooded area near the campgrounds.  It's not a super lengthy trail but it is well kept and there are always things to check out :)

These photos were taken a few days after we went to the Annett Nature Center.

DSC_0750 (2) DSC_0755 (2) DSC_0757 (2) DSC_0762 (2) These beetles - they were everywhere last Summer. They were eating my garden, they were eating our buckeye leaves... At one point we grabbed gallon-sized baggies, scooped them into it, and the minions/neighbor kids smacked them with a hammer for fun. They loved it. There's a lot of goo crammed into one of those little bugs! DSC_0764 (2) DSC_0765 (2) DSC_0767 (2) DSC_0769 (2) DSC_0770 (2) DSC_0772 (2) DSC_0774 (2) DSC_0776 (2) DSC_0779 (2) DSC_0780 (2) DSC_0781 (2) DSC_0782 (2) DSC_0789 (2) DSC_0791 (2) DSC_0795 (2) DSC_0798 (2) DSC_0801 (2) DSC_0802 (2) DSC_0805 (2) DSC_0808 (2) DSC_0810 (2) DSC_0815 (2) DSC_0818 (2) DSC_0820 (2) DSC_0825 (2) DSC_0827 (2) DSC_0831 (4) DSC_0832 (2) DSC_0833 (2) DSC_0834 (2) DSC_0843 (2) DSC_0844 (2) DSC_0845 (2) DSC_0846 (2) DSC_0850 (2) DSC_0855 (2)
DSC_0859 (2)

I've always loved the woods - I spent a lot of time growing up in the woods near my house. I would hike and explore, read, sled, run the trails... Even though you can find the same trees and plants and things in various woods across the state, each has it's own personality and feel.  If memory serves, we were at Thomas Mitchell for a birthday party that day and I took these pictures when I did a quick loop around the area between festivities.

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