Wednesday, July 12, 2017

4th of July Weekend - Part 7 of Many (lake shenanigans part 3 - the last one - and misc)

I know, I know, how many photos could she have possibly taken?  I'm almost done, I swear!

Once the rafting was finished, everyone jumped in the lake for a bit more fun before my SIL's family headed home.  in case you're keeping track, this was Monday July 3rd).

DSC_0158 (2) DSC_0164 (2) DSC_0167 (2) DSC_0171 (2) DSC_0179 (2) DSC_0180 (2) DSC_0183 (2) DSC_0197 (2) DSC_0214 (2) DSC_0210 (2) DSC_0222 (2) DSC_0226 (2) DSC_0232 (3) DSC_0239 (2) 

I didn't really take any photos after this - the rest of the day was rather low-key and we left the following day to get caught up on laundry and go to a few apts and last Friday we were off again to meet my SIL's family at Mark Twain Lake for the weekend. I still need to go through those photos so stay tuned for that but in the meantime, here are some random/nature-y photos taken over the course of this weekend. I did do a bit of knitting, but not a lot.

 DSC_0256 (2) DSC_2251 (2) DSC_2204 (2) DSC_2203 (2) DSC_2200 (2) DSC_2199 (2) DSC_1994 (2) DSC_1728 (2) DSC_1725 (2) DSC_1715 (2) DSC_1321 (2)

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