Wednesday, July 12, 2017

4th of July Weekend - Part 4 of Many (birthdays, lake time, and a toad)

Needless to say, we crammed quite a bit into our Saturday, so when Sunday rolled around it was a bit more low-key.  My neighbors had gone back home so the rest of the weekend was my SIL's family, the DiF household, and the in-laws.

Since we were all together it made sense to celebrate both of the girls' birthdays.

DSC_2193 (2) DSC_2189 (2) 

The rest of the group went for a boat ride while I went on my walk. I am still going strong with the FoggRun2017 and walking at least 1 mile every day but it's always been more than that - I put in almost 30 miles last week :) That particular day I went on a 2 hour jaunt around the entire lake which gave me 8.4+miles if memory serves. Anyway, when I got back everyone ate lunch and then a few of them decided to enjoy more time in the lake.  It was during that time that we found out Z could walk on water!

DSC_2220 (2) DSC_2222 (3) DSC_2223 (2) DSC_2237 (2) DSC_2248 (2) 

That night the clan blew up more stuff and little miss caught her very own toad. She didn't want to touch it because "it was bumpy" so she was rather clever and trapped it in a bucket :)

DSC_2260 (2) DSC_2257 (2) 

We dubbed him Humphrey and found him a nice spot by the driveway where we found him.

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