Wednesday, July 12, 2017

4th of July Weekend - Part 1 of Many (Sat am/early pm activities)

The DiF household has had a busy couple of weeks, starting with the fourth of July weekend.  We took our  neighbors down to the in-laws' lake house and met up with my SIL and her family and my MIL and FIL.  It was a big day.  Unfortunately my SIL was down for the count with a migraine but I took pictures so all was well.  I took so.  many.  photos.  It was a ridiculous amount even by my standards so this will be broken up into multiple posts...  I am also leaving out quite a few of our neighbors just because I'm not quite sure how they feel about online posts.

Saturday morning was spent outside in the yard playing on the playground and watching the testosterone-fest going on on the football field.

The ladies.

DSC_1331 (2) DSC_1394 (2) DSC_1402 (2) DSC_1399 (2) DSC_1357 (2)

The gents. Z was really enjoying football.

DSC_1360 (2) DSC_1339 (2) DSC_1340 (2) DSC_1341 (2) 


 DSC_1352 (2) DSC_1355 (2) 

But why stop there?

 DSC_1371 (2) DSC_1374 (2) DSC_1383 (2) DSC_1391 (2) DSC_1393 (2) DSC_1407 (2) DSC_1409 (2) 

A cool-off was in order and then it was back to business. I think the big kids were having just as much fun as the little ones were.

 DSC_1418 (2) DSC_1444 (2) DSC_1445 (2) DSC_1447 (2) DSC_1454 (2) DSC_1459 (2) DSC_1466 (2) DSC_1486 (2) DSC_1491 (2) 

 The littlest man really likes my little man so he spent part of his time with G and part of his time with the older boys.

 DSC_1430 (2) DSC_1439 (2) DSC_1499 (2)
DSC_1490 (2) 

Next up was freezy pops, a few fireworks, and a couple more yard games.

DSC_1488 (2) DSC_1545 (2) DSC_1537 (2) DSC_1552 (2) DSC_1546 (2) DSC_1555 (2) DSC_1561 (2) DSC_1563 (2) DSC_1554 (2) DSC_1492 (2) DSC_1571 (2) DSC_1575 (2) DSC_1992 (2)

Okay - that's enough for this post. Believe it or not there are actually more photos on my flickr page if you're interested :)

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Mason Rippey said...

Awww love these. I really missed a lot that day. Thank you so much for covering it all!