Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Thomas Mitchell Park

The minions and I joined forces today with our neighbors and their kiddos and headed to Thomas Mitchell Park to enjoy the day.

It started a bit rocky - little miss had another one of her migraines so I left little man to help out with their kiddos and took her home for a bit of rest.  When she was feeling better we rejoined the rest of the group and had a lovely afternoon.  It has been so hot and nasty that today's temperature and breeze were very welcome!

Some photos of our day.

DSC_1242 (2) DSC_1287 (2) DSC_1286 (2) 

Remember those beetles I posted about last time? They are everywhere!!! When we got home there were at least 40 on our buckeye. Rotten pests... I had one in my hair the other day - freaked me out. I felt something move around in my hair and felt something large - did a panic/grab/fling maneuver and threw it across the car. It was a flipping beetle!

 DSC_1280 (2) DSC_1277 (2) DSC_1276 (2) DSC_1269 (2) DSC_1267 (2) DSC_1262 (2) DSC_1258 (2) DSC_1257 (2) DSC_1255 (2) DSC_1251 (2) DSC_1249 (2) 

See, they're everywhere!

 DSC_1240 (2) DSC_1237 (2) DSC_1230 (2) DSC_1227 (2) DSC_1225 (2) DSC_1224 (2) DSC_1222 (2) DSC_1209 (2) DSC_1207 (2) DSC_1205 (2) DSC_1202 (2) DSC_1198 (2) DSC_1192 (2) DSC_1187 (2) DSC_1183 (2) DSC_1174 (2) DSC_1159 (2) DSC_1150 (2) DSC_1146 (2) 

Eve. Ry. Where.

DSC_1149 (2) DSC_1131 (2) DSC_1111 (2) DSC_1071 (2) DSC_1062 (2) DSC_1090 (2)

I needed that outdoor time - I have been itching to get out and about and take some photos. We're supposed to get rain this week but perhaps we can fit in another outing..

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