Thursday, March 17, 2016

Spring Break - Where We Take on Ames

Today, after my lovely acupuncture appointment, the Dreams in Fiber Household headed up to Reiman Gardens in Ames.  The plants and flowers were just beginning to come up outside but the inside was full of lovely flowers and butterflies and moths.  I do like to interject a bit of science where I can!

They have a set-up where you can see the different chrysalises and, if you're lucky, new emerging butterflies.  We saw a couple moving and grooving, but that's about it.

DSC_0376 (2) DSC_0378 (2)
Then we moved on to the butterfly palace. Actually, I don't remember what they actually call it, but it's a very warm area with tons of natural light and a flurry of butterflies and moths flying around. If you're still long enough they start to land on you. I had one land on my head. It felt a bit weird, not going to lie. Here are some of our new friends.
DSC_0399 (2) DSC_0385 (2) DSC_0393 (2) DSC_0394 (2) DSC_0401 (2) DSC_0403 (2) DSC_0444 (2) DSC_0404 (2) DSC_0408 (2) DSC_0414 (2) DSC_0424 (2) DSC_0426 (2) DSC_0427 (2) DSC_0429 (2) DSC_0432 (2) DSC_0435 (2) DSC_0439 (2) DSC_0457 (2) DSC_0454 (2) DSC_0461 (2)
After saying our adieus to our flying friends, we headed to the conservatory.
IMG_20160317_123842 (2)
I need one of these, too. Here's a closer look. The orchids were out of control and everywhere. So beautiful.
DSC_0467 (2) DSC_0469 (2) DSC_0470 (2) DSC_0473 (2) DSC_0475 (2) DSC_0479 (2) DSC_0480 (2) DSC_0484 (2) DSC_0487 (2) DSC_0489 (2) DSC_0497 (2) DSC_0501 (2)
We were a little warm by that point so we headed outdoors to check out the grounds. If only they would behave...
DSC_0504 (2)
The outdoor area is going to be beautiful before long. Not a whole lot to see just yet. Little miss decided she had to have her picture taken with the scary bunny heads...
DSC_0519 (2)
This is Elwood. He's the worlds largest gnome going by his sign.
DSC_0508 (2) DSC_0514 (2) DSC_0522 (2) DSC_0515 (2) DSC_0523 (2) DSC_0537 (2)
I love how all the buds out right now look so different. You have to marvel at Mother Earth; she does her job well.
Someone is an Iowa State fan :)
DSC_0529 (2) DSC_0375 (2)
A nesting goose.
  DSC_0534 (2)
The best part of our visit - aside from a few other random people, we were the only ones there!  Love that!!!  Next we were off to check out a few places, ate lunch at Hickory Park, and made our way to the cemetery to say Happy St. Patrick's Day to my Grandpa and Great Grandparents.
DSC_0544 (2)
I did promise a picture of little miss rollerblading yesterday. Here you go :)
IMG_20160316_164649501_TOP (2)
Tomorrow I will be getting ready for Saturday's vendor gig.  If you don't have anything going on and/or want to get out of the house, stop on by!  I'm sure we'll try to fit something in just for fun though.  Still no knitting but I will remedy that once I make stew.  

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