Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Season Ender

Little man had a successful last game of the Season last night. He got to pitch.

DSC_1428 (2) DSC_1418 (2) DSC_1429 (2) DSC_1419 (2) DSC_1422 (2) DSC_1413 (2) DSC_1431 (2) DSC_1424 (2)
He got a homerun on his first at bat.
DSC_1455 (2) DSC_1439 (2) DSC_1443 (2) DSC_1444 (2) DSC_1447 (2) DSC_1448 (2)
He got to play center field.
DSC_1468 (2)
And he got to catch.  In other words, he played all 3 of his favorite positions.
DSC_1474 (2)
He got on base again (a walk and then hit by a pitch) and pinch ran for another player.
DSC_1457 (2) DSC_1458 (2)
They have a tournament coming up and then he'll be playing All Stars at some point this month - schedules aren't out yet. I am so proud of how well little man is doing - he is working hard during practice and enjoying the game!  His team finished 1st in their league this year :)

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Mason & Karen said...

Well done little man!! You're looking great out there (and so much like your Dad in the pic of you running!). Good luck with All Stars!