Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Holiday Handknits

The Holidays were good for the Dreams in Fiber Household.  We managed to avoid much of the illness that is currently going around right now (fingers are double crossed that we continue to do so), we spent time with family, we had a brief trip to Chicago to see family, and we hung out together.

Here are some pictures of what was made for the Holidays this year - in no particular order.

I got my weave on this past year and made a handful of scarves. Little miss received the pink one :)
DSC_0904 (2)
This one went to Little man.
DSC_0896 (2) DSC_0950 (2)
He also received a new pair of mittens. This is the Sea Serpent Colorway from my Fantastical Creatures Part 2 Series.
DSC_0596 (3)
Little man got to pick out sock yarn for a new pair of socks and he chose my Mexican Red Knee Colorway from the Tarantula Series.
DSC_0921 (2)
My hubby's Cousin E received this woven scarf.
DSC_0520 (2) DSC_0523 (2)
She also received a new pair of mittens.
DSC_0519 (2)
This woven scarf hasn't actually been gifted yet but I am pretty sure the recipient doesn't check the blog...
DSC_0601 (2)
I showed this cowl earlier (I think), but this was gifted to the Principal at our school. It was made from alpaca in her favorite color :)
DSC_0932 (4)
This scarf was also made earlier last year and went to my SIL K.
DSC_0928 (2)
This next project was not made by me (well, I did a row here and there...) but I wanted to make sure to show it - this is a scarf that little man made for little miss. We went to the store and he picked out the yarn especially for her and got to use US 15 needles which he was pretty pumped about!
DSC_0931 (2)
Didn't he do a great job?
The Korknisse went to a teacher at school. I whipped together a matching tree and will definitely be making more of these - a korknisse forest! Can't you just imagine it?????
Not shown are the scrubbies. I made something like 26 of them for people this year and didn't manage to take a picture of them. Oh well. I love these scrubbies though.  Seriously, it's the only scrubbie I make anymore because they're perfect - it's a pattern from a friend of mine. Go make some! I'll be making a few for myself so maybe I'll get a picture taken then ;)

And this is Wilfred.  Wilfred will get his own post :) 

DSC_0938 (2)

As per my usual I did not get everything made that I wanted to.  Plus, I still have a few things to make yet....  I don't know what it is about the Holidays - I start out by trying to keep it nice and simple and then the Holiday Mania hits and I just want to make everything for everyone and then I'm vexed because I didn't get everything finished (or even started in some instances).  I guess it gives me a place to start for the next round of Holidays!

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Andi said...

While you may not have finished everything you wanted to, the ones you finished are fantastic. I especially love those beautiful woven scarves!