Monday, December 01, 2014

Snow Minions

Last week our area was blessed by a healthy snowfall and then a mini-warm up which creates the best packing snow - before it all melts that is.  Keeping this in mind, I was out and about in search of the ever-elusive Snow Minion duo that I have been keeping tabs on these past few years.  At first I thought I was searching in vain but then they showed up.

My how they've changed since last year.

The eldest Snow Minion began to create a snowman immediately.  It was hard work.

DSC_0609 (2) 

He stuck with it though and after a few finishing touches he had made a new friend.

DSC_0614 (2) DSC_0628 (2) DSC_0679 (2) DSC_0692 (2)

The younger Snow Minion was a bit miffed in the beginning that her snowman was not coming along quite as quickly as her brother's.

 DSC_0621 (2)

A little perseverance (and a little help from their Father) and she, too, had a new friend.

 DSC_0719 (2)

Once their friends were made, the Snow Minions retreated to their thrones for a bit of a rest before starting in on the snow war.

 DSC_0731 (2)

The eldest Minion was the first to pick a fight with their Father. The younger Snow Minion was content to snooze a bit longer.

  DSC_0637 (2) DSC_0656 (2) DSC_0674 (2)

I was trying to keep my distance as to not upset the minions - and to not get hit by the flying snow. They must be getting more used my presence though for both seemed comfortable enough to show me their finds (aka: potential snow missiles).

 DSC_0646 (2) DSC_0652 (2) 

It did not take long for the younger Snow Minion to grow a little cocky once the snow started to fly.

 DSC_0792 (2) DSC_0793 (2) 

Soon though, their game changed into one where their Father would toss snow high into the air so they could take turns catching it. Not all attempts were successful.

 DSC_0751 (2) DSC_0755 (2) DSC_0767 (2) DSC_0774 (2) DSC_0773 (2) DSC_0776 (2) DSC_0802 (2) DSC_0816 (2) DSC_0811 (2) DSC_0844 (2) 

 In my excitement, I must have gotten too close for the younger Snow Minion's liking.

 DSC_0824 (2) 

Then, in a blink of an eye, it was play time as usual once again.

 DSC_0829 (2)

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Mason & Karen said...

Hannah has so many questions and comments about everything that's happening here:
"Izzat snow?!"
"Nit, Tenee OK?"
"Thnowman funny!"
"Sit in thnow, yeah?"
"Oh Nit. Oh Tenee."