Wednesday, November 26, 2014

First Snow

Okay so technically this isn't the FIRST snow of the season but the first snow didn't even cover the grass completely so I'm not counting it.  This is the first actual snowfall that required shoveling...

This will be a quick post today.  Though we've been busy with school and work and a bit of elving here and there, I haven't taken many photos lately and some I can't show because they are of projects that will be gifted...

So, to tide you over, here is a bit of minion-goodness.

DSC_0544 (2) DSC_0557 (2)
Little miss lost another tooth this week. She is doing well in school and makes sure we are all taking the time for a little family fun now and then :)
  DSC_0549 (2)
Little man has been reading up a storm and has already completed all of the ICCA books for this year and is starting in on a few other series. He is doing well with his piano and is also enjoying the cello :)
DSC_0567 (2) DSC_0580 (2)
He thought it was quite fun to try to sweep snow off the hubby's car onto/into my boots while I was trying to take a few pictures of him. Cheeky. I suppose he's allowed a little fun on his last day as a 9 year old....
  Evidently Autumn isn't quite ready to give up it's hold - leaves were still falling along with the snow this morning.
DSC_0594 (2)
Stay warm!

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