Thursday, March 20, 2014


Okay, I lied.  I know I said in my last post that the fiber-y stuff would be next but I still have to take some photos of that and these photos were already loaded onto Flickr...  Not that that helps me, since I have to upload them from the computer, but whatever. 

Today is the first day of Spring :)  It is also still the minions' Spring Break so we headed to the Botanical Center today.  It has become something of a tradition.  One of the reasons we go every year is that they have special activities for the kids during this week.   Plus, we had not been since they remodeled/renovated.  The orchid wall is gone now, and some of it is still under construction.  It didn't seem like they had as many cacti out and I didn't see my fig tree either.  Of course that doesn't mean that they didn't stick them somewhere else...  We didn't see the turtles or many fish either.  They did have a lot of cool leaves going on though. 

In no particular order, some photos of our trip today into the humidified 80-some degree dome of bliss.

One of the special activities this year was natural weaving.  I cannot tell you how much I love this idea and am a little irritated that I didn't think of it myself...  They had a larger loom set up in the center itself but the kids could weave their own "wands" as well to take home.  We will be making these again!

A few closer views of the work in progress.

Little miss made this wand.

Little man made this one.

I just like palm shots in black and white.  Don't know why, but you can see the green versions on my Flickr page.

I don't know what type of plant/tree this is, but tell me this isn't the Ood of the natural world.

Happy Spring, Everyone!
Next time, the Fiber-y stuff.  Promise!!!

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Mason & Karen said...

Dome of bliss :) Cool wands…maybe we can make those this summer!