Thursday, January 23, 2014

I'm Cold

The alarm went off this morning and I hit snooze, slept in a little bit, got out of bed late, the minions woke up in bad moods, everyone was rushing around the house to get ready for school and out the door so I could arrive at school early to meet our Audiologist.  The car didn't want to start, my snot froze the second I stepped outside, everyone was a bit irritable at this point, but it I didn't start to think something was up until I noticed the absence of the normal traffic flow as I got closer to the school.  o.O  Odd.  I pull into the parking lot and there are only a few cars present with a big sign at the front door.  I drive by and read "NO SCHOOL TODAY".  I thought it was a joke.  Our district never closes.  I pull back around and park and check my phone - sure enough, school had been canceled for wind-chill and I failed to notice that tiny little detail.  I failed to notice that tiny little detail after commenting several times to the hubby the night before about how bad the wind was.  Sigh.  Total Parent Fail Moment.  Since I was there and I saw the principal's car and the secretary's car (offices were still open) I went in anyway and the minions did their daily math homework while I tried to convince them that I actually thought school was on today.  I was the only person in the entire school that showed up with kids this morning.  Yup...  Then little miss started to cry as I herded the minions to the door because she wanted to stay in school all day.

In my defense, it has been one of those weeks; the type of week where everything I touch goes wrong somehow or ends up misplaced and I have absolutely no idea where the f it went...  I have been getting up early each morning to arrive at school when the minions do because we were supposed to have an Audiologist come in to do our annual hearing screening and I was to be her helper.  Shortly after I arrived on Tuesday, she called in sick but swore she would be in on Wednesday.  Wednesday morning, I get up early to meet the Audiologist where I learn that she has called in again.  No worries, I went about my day.  Then I heard from another Audiologist that she would be filling-in the following day (today) and we would bang through the entire school and get it all done.  Guess not.

So, since I have a little time on my hands, ahem, I thought I would finally get around to blogging!!!  ;)

The Holidays were good - the minions had a good time, time was spent with family, I got some extra hours in at the hospital.  Then we lost our modem and the guys were a week later in hooking up our new internet service than they should have been.  Got that squared away and that night our hard drive crashed.  Again.  At least this time I was better in backing things up and we only lost September thru December; I had gotten a little lax in saving things to our external hard drive given the other stress/chaos we were working through.  Got a new computer and that didn't work very smoothly right away so that was another handful of days...  I think (fingers crossed and in barely a whisper) that we might have made it over the technological hump.  I think...  I hope....  Although now I have to get used to Windows 8.1 and I cannot stand the new photo software and the other oddities associated with it (such as, why my pictures aren't working right on this post...).  Oh well.

I have been knitting though, and dyeing, and designing - when my hands aren't curled around a hot mug of tea that is because, damn, it's COLD.  It's been COLD.  I don't know what the silly geese are thinking - there have been quite a bit migrating North again already.  Perhaps they know something I don't?

Anyhoo, I put out the first shipment of the Fantastical Creatures Club Part 1 earlier this month and included in that is the Pizke Hat pattern.

My second shipment for the Club is coming right up and I finished and blocked the pattern for that the other day so stay tuned for those pics - once I take them :)
Now that the Holidays are over, I can show you a picture of one of the gifts I mailed out West this year. 

We'll just forget that I wanted to have this done and shipped a year ago, it's done now :)  During the process of making it, I began to refer to this project as the Gray Slog of Doom.  I was less than 20 rows away from finishing it and I could not bring myself to even look or think about it.  I found an area in the middle where I had gotten off for about 10 sts and it was too far to rip down and I didn't want to mess with laddering down to fix it given the lace and all so I stashed it in its bag and covered it up.  In the end, I persevered and when I blocked it out I couldn't find those 10 sts that caused me so much grief.  Is the area in question still there and my brain just simply wont acknowledge its presence?  Perhaps.  Did my brain invent it in the first place thus plunging me into a period of months when I could have and should have finished it a lot earlier?  Perhaps.  Either way.  It's with it's intended recipient now and I hope she abuses it to pieces :)
There hasn't been a lot of photos taken lately because it's just been too cold or I've been working.  I did snap a few during the start of our last snow event.

Evidently my jinx status is still in full-effect.  I've been messing with/trying to get these blasted photos to actually show themselves on the blog for the better part of an hour now and I'm getting nowhere.  Is it just my computer?  Can you see them?  Is Flickr just being stupid again or is it Blogger that is once again to blame????  The html looks just like the other posts that actually work.  The old pics/links from past posts still work...  I don't know.  I'll look at it again later.  Now I need more tea.

 eta - I got them to work via a roundbout way, sort of.  Still unsure as to why my normal method isn't working between Flickr and Blogger.  Perhaps they are not friends anymore? 


Mason & Karen said...

New operating systems are so much fun! I'm still working out the kinks with mine. An extra chai goes a long way in breaking a funk. I'll have one with you soon :)

Mason & Karen said...

And yes, little H will abuse the crap out of that blanket!