Wednesday, June 19, 2013

New Territory

My baby, little miss, turns 7 later this month.  I think she looks a bit older than that....

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Rehearsals for her dance recital were last night; it was her first experience going backstage and seeing others perform like this.  She has now declared (after saying that she was done with dance a few weeks ago) that she wants to take a Tap/Jazz/Ballet class in the fall.  ;)  One of my Knitting Ladies (who happens to be a dance recital veteran) helped her with hair and make-up.  The Big Night is tomorrow.  Little miss did really well in rehearsals; I am very proud of how hard she worked to catch up with the rest of the class.

Little man has been busy learning about and taking care of Aragog (aka Charlotte).  The bait shop we went to the other day to buy crickets is close to the Dam so we headed there to check out how high the water levels are.

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The force of the water is so intense and then flows ever-so-nicely down the way.  It's rather mesmerizing.

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Mason & Karen said...

Wow!! I did a double take at those pics of little miss!!! She looks so grown up. I can't get over it. said...

They do grow fast, the little ones. It's lovely to see - and I can still recall myself in some ages and feelings, from the same age as my little ones are in now. Amazing feelings!
Puh, beeing so close to the water - especially when theres a Dam close by, respect to the power of water!
Good Luck with Aragog, one of her kind would never enter our house, I', afraid of spiders and I have really forced myself to just look at your lovely pictures...
Hi from Sweden!

hobbes4 said...

Love all of the pictures in this string -- the kids, the critters, and the old building. Can't wait to see more. Hope little miss has a wonderful experience at the recital tonight! Best wishes, Kathy (of the torn meniscus ;)