Thursday, July 05, 2012

A Glimpse into the Madness Within

Inspiration is a funny thing, really.  Sometimes it's bold, sometimes it's subtle, and sometimes you have to work for it.  I get a lot of my inspiration from the natural world around me; I like to try to take notice of the small things that are often overlooked.  When Jen told me that I would have green and blue for her Rainbow Barf Club I thought, "awesome, I use those colors a lot."  Then it came time to come up with a pattern that would be a nice melding of both color and pattern which isn't always easy to do (i.e., make a variegated yarn with a definite color repeat behave in a way that I want it to) and my mind went blank.  Completely blank.  Since I didn't get an immediate picture of something in my head, I had to make something happen.  Blue, blue, blue, what is blue.  There are several things that are blue, the problem is that none of them sparked any sense of inspiration.  I actually resorted to a "Things that are blue" Google search.  Yup.  Came across a blueberry.  A rabbiteye blueberry to be precise.  You know, there are many more types of blueberries in the world than I thought there were - always learning something new...  Anyway, I looked at these blueberries and had a vision of blueberries stacked sort of willy nilly pop into my head.  Finally, I had something that I could turn into a fabric.  So I played around with it for a while and came up with my Rabbiteye Blueberry socks. 

Rabyeberry Socks

lake, gardens, and yarn 145
lake, gardens, and yarn 127

These were knit using MCN Fingering weight sock yarn and are so nice and squooshy.  They are currently part of Jen's Rainbow Barf Club but will be put up on Ravelry once the Club is finished.  AND, I only had to finish one sock for the pair - the first sock was knit last Summer.  Love those single socks sometimes!


Crochet with Raymond said...

they are fabulous and look like lovely round berries! gorgeous

Rani said...

Super cute!