Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A handful of Projects

I would like to formally thank the weather for cooperating during one of my weekends off so I could take some photos of a few projects I've been working on and/or finished recently. Normally the weather is perfect while I'm at work and less than stellar when I'm home. What are you going to do?

lake and lotr in feb 2012 028

Remember when I told you that I was wanting to knit some sweaters for the minions and I whipped out little man's? Little miss' sweater is finally finished...

lake and lotr in feb 2012 056_crop

I'm not really sure why it took so long to finish. It was sitting in a bag for probably over a month and all that was left was the lower garter stitch edging, the button bands, and the wee sleeves. I sat down one morning and finished it all up in a few hours and took little miss button shopping. After a bit of deliberation, she settled on these butterfly buttons. They do look cute with the sweater - the sun was a bit bright so you can't really see the colors in the buttons themselves, but it all worked out in the end and it fits her well with a bit of ease so perhaps we'll get another Season out of it! This was knit with some Dream in Color Classy I've had sitting in the stash for a while now. Hooray for stashbusting! The pattern is Tiny Tea Leaves Cardigan - modified for length, short sleeves, and button quantity/placement.

I also took a few pictures of little man's Valentine Socks. We went on a walk and "totally scored" (direct quote from little man) when we came across this giant piece of construction equipment.

lake and lotr in feb 2012 146
lake and lotr in feb 2012 163
lake and lotr in feb 2012 134

I know I've put these socks up before, but I finally got a picture of little miss' Valentine Socks that show off the actual color more accurately.

lake and lotr in feb 2012 111_crop

I have pictures of an upcoming pattern for the LOTR Club but it's not officially released yet so I'll do a LOTR wip post in a few days :)

We've all been a little stir-crazy and dreaming of warmer weather. Well, more consistent warmer weather. The Winter has completely confused things and I have bulbs coming up and some trees are budding but who knows if they'll actually thrive given the temperature swings. It'll be a surprise! Hopefully it wont be a bald Spring...

The minions are enjoying school and are geared up for Spring Break. We don't have any big plans this year other than enjoying the time off together and perhaps going on an adventure or two. And knitting of course. ;)

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Rani said...

LOTR club!? Do tell!

The purple sweater is so beautiful. I love the color and the design. A double whammy.

And I agree that the construction stuff is absolutely appropriate for boys socks.