Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Quick Update

Not much to say at the moment but I thought I'd put something up here just for a change of scenery ;)

These were the Halloween costumes this year that the minions chose. Sort of an odd couple really, but they both had a lot of fun trick-or-treating and it wasn't a bad night for it this year which makes a huge difference!

costumes and yarn 005

There has been knitting going on, but I haven't taken any photos lately. Seriously. My To Do list has been out of control as of late so I have socks and ornaments and mittens to photograph but I did photograph 1 project. Well half of a project, I haven't made the other one yet.

My friend, Krysten, put up these fun little thrummed kits on her Etsy site and asked if I would test knit a mitten to make sure there was enough roving to go around. I almost wish it was cold enough outside to wear them longer than a few minutes (they are so warm) but I'm not that crazy ;)

thrums 022

You can't post a picture of a thrummed anything without showing the guts. Aren't they fun?

thrums 001

That's it for now. Work is going. The Holidays are upon us and I have lots of Holiday knitting to try to start/finish, and someone's birthday is right around the corner so stay tuned for a more informative post within the next week hopefully :)

Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone!

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