Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Busy Bees

We've had a busy couple of weeks filled with birthday preparations, a bit of knitting, lots of dyeing, and a Holiday weekend. Given the rather large number of photos taken recently, it might be a good idea to throw some up on the blog in an attempt to get caught up.

Hmm, where to start. We planted a tree. Well, transplanted a tree.

end of june 2011 014

It went a little something like this: we've had a rogue Walnut tree (? we think it was a Walnut) growing in our front garden for a couple of years - we've known that this tree will have to come out given its close proximity to the house but none of us were rather motivated to potentially kill it by transferring it. Finally, it was time. The hubby to little man: "Should we transplant the walnut tree today or just try to plant a Buckeye?" "I like the Walnut tree." "We'll have to dig a big hole over there in the other part of the yard and dig another big hole around this one and move it. Do you want to help with that or dig a small hole and plant a seed?" "I don't know, I like the Walnut, it's so nice." "Okay." Shovels were found and digging commenced. The root system of said Walnut tree was a wee bit bigger than we had originally thought so we were having a bit of a time trying to unearth it. After about 40 minutes or so, little man comes back after abandoning the tree-transfer-project in order to go play and asks the hubby, "Why didn't you just plant the Buckeye seed?" Mmmmhmmmmmmmmmmm. It was too late at that point; the tree was half out, we were covered in bug bites, and the large hole was already made. Eventually we got it in, added some water and stepped back to appreciate the end result. "Think it'll die within a week?", the hubby says to me. "Yup." Fortunately I had the foresight to snap a photo of the tree with a bit of minion help because in less than a week, we have an unsightly dead stick sticking up out of our yard. Good times.

We decided to hold little miss' birthday celebration the weekend before her actual birthday. In the morning, we headed out to our local zoo and ran by most of the animals and traipsed in and out of the construction zones. I think the zoo will look rather nice after the renovations are finished. Until then...

6/26/11 zoo mosaic

For some reason it had escaped my attention that some chickens have weird feathery legs - on half of them. Weird. Granted I'm not up on my chickens, but it made me laugh :)

Later we had family over for a bit of food and fun. Some of my younger cousins made it over and provided some entertainment.

6/26/11 cousin mosaic

Then it was time to play and eat and open presents and eat cake and ice cream.

6_26_11 (cont) 020

A big THANK YOU to everyone that came and/or sent in little gifties - little miss loved it all and if I can get on the ball, actual "thank you" cards will be coming in the mail.

The minions wanted me to take a moment to show you their new Tee Ball trophies.

first week in July 2011 012
first week in July 2011 023

Last weekend we headed down to the in-law's lake house for a little fun in the sun.

first week in July 2011 109
first week in July 2011 106

And since it was the 4th of July after all, things were ignited... There are more photos on my Flickr page, but here are a few.

first week in July 2011 196
first week in July 2011 208
first week in July 2011 224
first week in July 2011 234
first week in July 2011 244
first week in July 2011 260
first week in July 2011 268

That's about it for now. I've made more progress on the ebook prototypes and I finished up some other Rainbow Barf Club (Club that my friend J is presenting in 2012) test-knits and if any of you are participating in the Collaboration "Divas" Club, your yarn will be mailed out to you this week as will the 2nd and 3rd Dr Who "Club" Shipments. For whatever reason, in the heat and humidity of Summer, all I can focus on is the need to clothe my minions in handknit sweaters. Seriously, it's a bizarre deal but I can hardly focus on anything else these past few days; I keep getting images of sleeve caps and seaming and warm woolyness dancing in my head. Stay tuned for those projects I guess ;)

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Linda said...

Sounds and looks like you had a super weekend! Birthday party and all. Your fireworks pix are beautiful! Here's wishing you more great summer days!