Saturday, April 09, 2011

Still Plugging Away

How in the world is it April already? Wasn't it just St Patrick's Day? Oh yeah, there were those really awful weeks between then and now... I suppose I should get things caught up though :)

A handful of generations ago now, part of my Father's family came over from Ireland and my Grandfather died on or around St Patty's Day, I can't remember exactly now. On St Patrick's day the hubby, minions, and I headed out to the cemetery to fulfill our annual tradition of providing those folks of Irish decent that have gone before us with a taste of whiskey and a salute of our own.

Spring Break through end of March 2011 025

Little man was in full regalia. And why yes, that is indeed a pickle necklace, thanks for asking ;)

Spring Break through end of March 2011 014

I swear this one changes every time I look at her.

Spring Break through end of March 2011 022

We had a nice Spring Break. We went to the Zoo and had fun playing outdoors. Then I started my new jobs. Wow was that a Muse killer! New schedules and new responsibilities coupled with an old tendency to back away from change - an interesting couple of weeks to be sure. Once I started getting into the swing of things the minions picked up the stomach bug that is going through the school and disrupted everything once again. On the plus side, I got to clean up after them for about a week straight. (Note the sarcasm). Funny though, I don't go into work and the Muse returns - imagine that! That was an ugly week though; neither one of them had been that sick for that long before. They were so pale I swore I had vampires in the house! But, we're better now and went to our first Tee Ball practice of the year this morning. Technically it was the Team's second practice, but they missed last week's due to excessive vomiting. It happens. It looks like a nice team this year though and one of the other Mom's is a knitter too so that was fun :) I don't often get to chat about knitting and knitting patterns while freezing and watching baseball.

The hubby has been busy being a Pitching Coach for a 10 year-old team out West. He's gone quite a bit, but I think he's having a good time which is the important thing. Little man has started getting into tennis and little miss has been excited to do just about anything outside now that the temperature has warmed up a tad. The flowers are even starting to wake up. AND, (and I hope I don't jinx it), we planted some seeds over Spring Break and they are actually still thriving - for the most part. The minions got a little excited and planted more seeds than should have been so I tried to thin things out a tad so we'll see if they bounce back. Some of them are doing really well though so keep your fingers crossed!

Spring Break through end of March 2011 161

There has been knitting happening amid all of the recent chaos. I finished up little man's Al Capone socks,

botanical center and zoo from little miss' camera 062

and I finished 2 knits for a friend of mine that are included in her Winter Package but I haven't mailed it yet so I can't show those pictures yet. I even finished up a replacement sock for little miss and have CO for the second, but I haven't taken any pictures of that project yet.

The sign ups for the first Inspired By Dr Who "Club" have finished and here are the first 2 colorways:


Spring Break through end of March 2011 227

Companion Set #1 (l to r: Rose, Martha, Donna, Amy)

end of march 2011 027

I'll get those dyed up soon. Oh! I did a bit of crocheting for the house, too! I almost forgot :) I needed a few new potholders and some scrubbies. They have all been used and abused and they work well which makes me insanely happy. Plus, let's have a round of applause for more stashbusting!

Spring Break through end of March 2011 215

See, not a whole lot going on which is why I haven't posted in a while. But, I got scolded the other day for not posting so...there you have it.

I have more projects on the needles and have been working up some new patterns that I want to get started on. You know, when I find time... Oh, and I finished up my other Seth sock but I haven't taken pics of those yet either. Wow, this is a big post FAIL! Next one will be better though, promise!


Mason & Karen said...

Holy Wow, those kids are changing fast! Uncle Mason will be happy his Ireland shirt is still in circulation :)

Alrischa said...

THose fibre-girls would spin up so nicely!