Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Since the minions are on Spring Break and this is my last week at home with them before starting work, I was brainstorming things to do and places to go during our little mini vacation at home. Why not stop in at the Botanical Center? I knew it would be a little busier than normal given the increased number of kids on break and I know they do a lot of business around lunch time but I was not aware that today was their Special Spring Break Activity Day. There were lots and lots of people there but we all had a great time just the same. The heat, the humidity, the color... So needed!

2011 Botanical Center Mosaic

Naturally I took along some handknit projects and I am pretty confident in saying that no one there has ever seen someone trying to take a photo of a sock before, especially when the person taking the photo is also modeling the pair ;) At least I was able to start several conversations today about the weird things people do! I know I just posted these, but here are some truer colors of my Seth Clearwater Sock,

botanical center march 15 2011 046

little man's Al Capone sock (I'm to the gusset of the second sock so it wont be long now!),

botanical center march 15 2011 036

and my finished pair of Jameson and Clover socks :)

botanical center march 15 2011 142

Both minions took along their cameras so I'll see if I can pull some of their photos for a future post. I also want to get little man a "big person" camera sometime this year... Don't mind me, just making a mental note :)

botanical center march 15 2011 118

Little miss was climbing on anything she could think of to climb while I was looking through my camera and little man was bound and determined to take home some sort of nature today.

botanical center march 15 2011 115
botanical center march 15 2011 130

Since it was the Special Spring Break Activity Day, the kids were able to do some arts and crafts in one of the back rooms.

botanical center march 15 2011 145

This is why most of my photos are candid. I can't take a posed photo if my life depended on it and they were the ones that wanted me to take this one so they could show everyone their new gardens! Oh well.

With any luck Spring will be on its way shortly so we can enjoy some warmth and color every day. Yup, here's another failed attempt at a posed photo. Looks like I'll be sticking to my candids...

botanical center march 15 2011 134

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Mason & Karen said...

Great nature pics! Is it me or has Little Miss grown 3 inches since the last time I saw her!?!