Monday, January 17, 2011

Crunch Time

I have been busy busy busy trying to get things dyed up and re-skeined for the upcoming Sticks and Strings Event happening in just a few weeks.  I am very excited to vend during part of the event and to have a weekend devoted to nothing but fiber-y pursuits.  I might even get some WiP's finished up that have been waiting patiently over in the corner while I stink up my house with wet wool and dye stuff.  So, not much to show on the fiber-front right now, but I did happen to take some pictures of the minions outside enjoying the recent snowfall.

snowfall jan 2011 036
snowfall jan 2011 057
snowfall jan 2011 061_crop
snowfall jan 2011 039
snowfall jan 2011 050
snowfall jan 2011 069
(Snow Swimming - you sort of had to be there...  Perhaps it will catch on and become part of the next Winter Olympics!)

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Mason & Karen said...

Snow swimming...I like it :)