Thursday, July 01, 2010

Are You Kidding Me???

I just had one of those parenting moments where I was completely and utterly speechless.  I didn't really bat an eye when little man figured out how to walk up my hallway walls all on his own a few weeks ago or when he taught little miss how to do it.  I don't cringe overly much when I see the minions playing on the playground anymore, either.  But I don't really have an explanation for their behavior this afternoon when I dished out a snack for them.

It's Summertime.  It's warm out.  Ice cream always sounds good in the Summertime though it's one of those treats that the minions don't get too often.  I was at the store the other day and for whatever reason, a little thing of strawberry-vanilla frozen yogurt just sounded good so I picked it up as a special snack.  Yes, I realize that frozen yogurt is not the same thing as ice cream, but both kids eat yogurt so what's the big deal?

The minions have been troopers this past week while I have been working away on some projects and things and after we finished up running some errands and stopping at the library, I thought it would be a good time to try out this new frozen endeavor.

"What's that?", they ask.  "Ice cream..."  "Why is it pink?"  "Don't you love pink?"  "Yeah...."  "So why does it matter that this is pink?"  Silence.  I put a couple little scoops in a bowl for each of them and set it down on the table.  Neither one of them makes a move as they eye me suspiciously.  "Me no like this."  "You haven't even tried it.  "Well, I'm only having one bite."  "Fine.  It's your snack, don't eat it."  "But I'm hungry."  "So eat."  "I don't want this."  "So don't eat it.  It's good, what's the deal?"

This is where they both start acting like I tried to sneak them vegetables.  Little miss is actually crying because I gave her a special treat.  CRYING!  They just sat there looking at their bowls with disgust written all over their faces.  Good lord, they eat ice cream.  They both eat this flavor of yogurt with little to no hesitation.  What kid cries when given a frozen treat?  Has it ever even happened before?  Anywhere?  Did I open up some sort of weird vortex by dishing out frozen yogurt and now children all over the world will shun tasty treats?

Whatever.  More for me.  At least my flowers are pretty!


Rani said...

OH, you have me in stitches. That is hilarious! I have a kid who insists that noodles taste different depending on their shape . . . I kid you NOT. AND . . . he's almost 12 years old.

Fantastic picture of the flower. Look at those pollen covered 'achem' stamen. Is that what they're called? I always feel like that's a naughty word.

Mason & Karen said...

Hahaha!! Oh, I love those kids. I can picture the disgust on their faces. You can laugh at me in a few years when I'm in the same boat.