Monday, June 21, 2010

Tee Ball 2010 Comes to a Close

It turns out that little man had quite the Tee Ball Season this year.  It was his first team experience as well as his first sports experience and I think that he really ended up enjoying himself.

All year, the teams incorporated an Everyone Have Fun style of game play -- everyone got to bat, everyone got to take turns getting a grand-slam, there weren't any Outs... 

Then, we had the Semi-Finals this past Thursday where, for the first time, Outs were to be made and the Score was kept.  Little man's team ended up winning that game and moved on to the Championship game, much to the disgust of the opposing team's Coach who was really taking things a bit too seriously in my opinion.  The opposing players were blocking the path to 1st base so there was a higher likelihood of having an out there, kids on the other team were sobbing while waiting in line for their treats after the game, and one of our players was even clobbered twice by the opposing team's players - once during the game and once after.  IT'S TEE BALL!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday morning rolls around and the big game is now upon us.  After sleeping through the first inning, our team finally woke up and managed to tie up the game (while simultaneously sending the Parents into a frenzy) and had to go into extra innings.

By this point the parents were beside themselves.  The kids were just happy that they got to keep playing...

Since we were the Visitors, we batted first and brought in another 4 runs.

The opposing team was only able to bring in another 1 run before we managed to get our much-needed 3 Outs.  WE WON!!!!!!!!!  I don't think they were excited one bit ;)

"Mom!  This was a huge success!!!!" 

Now, some of you might be asking yourself, well what about little miss, what did she do during all of this? 

She was a pretty good sport about going to her big brother's games.  She had some little friends to play around with and occupied herself pretty well.

There was always someone around to play "kick" or hide-n-seek with.

And she did watch some of the games and cheered little man on.  I think both minions are looking forward to next Season!

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