Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Spring is Here!

Baseball and green grass, Spring has arrived, right?

Well, technically yes, though this is how our first day of Spring turned out.

Most of the ice is gone from the lake now (well, probably all of it now).

If you look really hard at this photo towards the middle of the tree you can see the snowball that the hubby threw at me.

He missed ;)

Really though, the snow didn't last too long. In fact, today the minions and I were able to enjoy some outdoor time at one of the nearby playgrounds

and then we went home to work on some hitting/ground balls (seeing how little man's Tee Ball practice starts this week!). Little miss loves her soccer ball.

As always, both minions love their wheels!

I know I promised actual knitting content, and it will come in due time, I just had a lot of minion-y goodness to share at the moment.

This was the last day of Winter for us, what did yours look like?

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