Tuesday, December 08, 2009


Just a little post today. Still no new pictures of the minions, though I'm hoping to change that today - we had our first real snow and they're itching to get out and enjoy it.

Remember this skein of handspun?
This is what it looks like now. It's a rather nice warm hat which always makes me happy. I foresee more of these in the future.

Seeing how it's December already, I'm all a buzz with Holiday projects. I pulled out the sewing machine the other day (though I'm really not sure why I punish myself like this every year) to whip up some little gifties and I am making some headway with my knitted items. More on those later. I can show you some of the sooper sekret things I've been knitting/designing this year. I might have shown them individually in the past, but here are the 5 patterns I did for Fresh From the Cauldron's Wizard of Oz Club this year. The club winds up in January 2010 so the patterns will be available after that.

In no particular order, there's the Cowardly Cowl, Toto's Tote, The Glenda Scarf, A Witch's Staple,

And of course, When Worlds Collide. This sock pattern was actually designed last year for the inclusion-in-the-club-contest in the FFtC Ravelry Group, but seeing how the club ran this year I have to include it...

I have more patterns of my own waiting to be knitted up and posted and I have others in the works for FFtC and some others, so I have that to look forward to in 2010. That sounds so odd, 2010. We shouldn't be so close to it... where did 2009 go?

Little man's Preschool is canceled for today which gives us plenty of time to play outside and shovel some snow, and with any luck, get some knitting done! Last I saw we were somewhere around the 12 inches of snow range, but who knows! I love the first few snows :)

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Bea said...

Love the new hat.

All your patterns are wonderful as always. Love Glenda's scarf. Very pretty.