Monday, October 26, 2009

The Socktoberfest That Wasn't

One of my favorite months of the year is October. I love the colors, the cooler temperatures, the bonfires, and of course, Soctoberfest. This might be the first Soctoberfest that I have participated in that I don't make an actual pair of socks. I have a couple on the needles right now, but I don't forsee a finished pair. Perhaps I'll just have to continue the celebration into November and have my own Novemberfest! Perahps not ;)

I have started creating my own little crochet bag, however. I'm using some of my own hand dyed yarns along with the scraps of some of my past projects and have even gotten some help from my Thursday Night Knitting Group ladies. I ended up starting this bag earlier than I had originally planned because I burnt my left index finger. Not sure how, but it wasn't too fun to knit. BUT, I could crochet. I'm a little farther along with my hexagons since this photo was taken, but it gives you an idea. It will be a little slower going now that my finger is all healed up though!

I did get a little bit of knitting done last week though :) I might have mentioned that little man is really enjoying going to school and wanted me to make him a hat featuring his school colors. I had a moment of inspiration last Wednesday and CO for it - to hell with the outrageous number of WIP's I have going... I was then informed that last Friday was School Pride Day and he wanted to wear a finished hat to show his teachers. I finished up the finishing portion of the hat about an hour before we left to go to school on Friday. Talk about cutting it close! I was able to give it a wash and a block though and here's the finished hat.

The family and I headed down for a little mini trip to the in-laws' lake house this past weekend and it didn't take little man long to notice the remains of the trees my FIL took down the weekend before that.
It also didn't take him long to figure out how fun it is to jump off!
Little miss got in on the action too but she preferred the tree trunk that was laying all along the ground. She was more interested in batting practice.
This particular photo was taken just before I took a shot to the head - I think she might have known what was going to happen given that smile...

The minions were also a big help in the garden; it is bulb planting season :)

Here are a few other photos taken this past weekend.
I'm off to try to get some WIP's taken care of, wish me luck!


The Garden Bell said...

What a lovely weekend you had with the little ones.

But, I will let you know I keep going back up to the stack of goodies of hand-dyed yarn for your new bag. Can't wait to see it all come together.

Wonderful Post today.

Bea said...

So much good stuff in the post. I have to say I love your son's new hat!

Nancy said...

Such adorable kiddos!