Tuesday, September 15, 2009

New Territory

What is this? Little man's special first-day-of-school socks are finished and being modeled? This could only mean one thing! That's right folks, little man had his first day of Preschool yesterday. We were a bit nervous about starting school so I told him earlier in the Summer that I would dye a skein of yarn just for him and knit him a special pair of socks that he could wear on his first day. He chose the colors of the dyes. I don't think he did too bad of a job!

Socks? Check. Backpack? Check. Recent haircut? Check. New shoes? Check. Clean shirt? Check. Goofy mood? Check.

As soon as we were done taking the pictures he promptly headed off on his own. "Mom, I'll see you in a little while".
I then reminded him that I had the keys to the car.

He had a good day. I picked him up after his school day was done and he was wearing a huge smile and told me all about his snack and recess and some of the kids... He even learned a new song/dance which was rather reminiscent of that song we (well, most of us anyway) learned as a kid - Singing in the Rain, I believe - where you stick your elbows out, knees together, chest out, butt out, tongue out... and then try to sing the song. He did the song and dance several times throughout the evening :) More importantly, he's excited about going back today which is great!

Since I'm sure at least one of you are wondering to yourself, well how did Mom do? Mom did okay. Little miss was having a hard time figuring out why she wasn't sitting at one of the tables and drawing a picture like the rest of the kids when we dropped little man off... She really wanted to be included. Then she couldn't figure out why we weren't taking little man with us as we were leaving. I was okay until she had some problems being without her big brother and I welled up a bit but other than that, smooth sailing. Little miss had to sit in little man's seat in the car until we picked him up later that afternoon. I'm curious to see if today goes better for her or not.

Since I haven't posted in a while, I should probably do a mini-recap of sorts. Last month was a big birthday month, I turned 30, Mom turned ?0, Grandmas D had their birthday... The hubby took me to see the buffalo on my special day.

Earlier in August, we enjoyed the Iowa State Fair where the kids went on a ride all by themselves and had fun going down the big slide and seeing all the animals...

Last weekend we went down to the in-law's lake house where little man enjoyed chasing and catching grasshoppers and frogs. He's getting pretty good at it! Unfortunately I didn't have my camera close by and missed those adventures. Here's a photo of one of his little lovelies that he found maybe 3 weeks ago now.

Next post will have some knitting content and the pictures taken by my SIL at the fest.


MamaLizKnits said...

Awww. big first day for the little big man! How did little sister take it?

Happy Fall!

MamaLizKnits said...

sorry sorry... got ahead of myself. reread your entry. glad you all made it through. ... and happy birthday by the way!

kshotz said...

What a great idea with the socks! I wish I'd been knitting socks all those years ago. I sent my first off to college this year....*sigh.*


Bea said...

So exciting for you and him!!

The Garden Bell said...

Wow. The socks are too cute on the little guy. Yarn is totally delish. Just say you over on Flickr and followed the link to your blog.... Very cute. Keep up the good work.