Friday, August 14, 2009

The Fest

A few weekends ago now, my SIL K and her hubby M flew in from Portland, OR for a long weekend and we celebrated my in-law's birthdays and wedding anniversary along with some friends and family down at their lake house (which little man deemed "the fest"). I didn't really get my camera out very much seeing how my SIL K is the professional but I did take a few pictures of little man and little miss enjoying the "fish water" with their Uncle M.
Little miss was a little hesitant but couldn't resist trying it out after watching her big brother splashing people and having a good time.K is putting a few pictures together for me so I will show some of her photos next post. Since K and M were here, I thought it would be a good time to give them their baby shower gifts along with a few that were originally going to be gifted at the Holidays -- but why not give them to them now so they can get more use out of them I say?
Up top we have the Baby Sophisticate Jacket along with a matching Cousteau hat (which also matches M's). Then there's the Mushroom rattle, and a little vest (a new favorite pattern by the way!) along with some wee Irish socks and a handspun baby sack. The links take you to my project pages on Ravelry where you can check out the yarns and modifications if you're so inclined.

Since I started dyeing (and spinning) my own yarns, I don't really buy much yarn anymore unless I need something specific that I don't have in my stash... Earlier this year I ventured into a LYS and couldn't resist getting a few brightly colored skeins in which I planned to make a hat and matching mittens for little miss. I found a pattern and really tried to knit it up as written but I knew early on that it wasn't working for me. So, I decided to just wing it and see what happens.

What happened is that a basic ribbed beanie got way out of control.
This baby measures about 29 inches in length. I finished it up and added the pompom at the end and presented little miss with the finished hat. What do you think little miss? "Hmmm. Me no love that hat. It's way too big a me". Well...

I was working on the ribbing (with every intention of just doing a plain hat, honest!) and got the idea of doing a stocking cap so I did a little bit of figuring and worked up a pseudo-pattern and just knit. Every once in a while I show it to her to see if it's grown on her yet but to no avail. It does fit me so it'll get some use one way or another - much to the hubby's delight I'm sure; he just doesn't get my affection for fun hats but I don't let that stop me ;). I guess now I'll have to rein in the muse and make her a plain beanie or maybe a beret.... ooh, or maybe a pixie hat? I wonder if I could put together a mad bomber hat... hmmm. Perhaps I should just ask her what she wants? Of course that would just be way too easy!

To be continued....

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