Sunday, November 30, 2008

Winter Has Arrived

It would appear that Winter has finally descended upon Iowa. Though I should probably back up a few days. On Thanksgiving Day, little man turned 4 and I never made it to the computer to give him a proper Birthday post. A bit belated, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY LITTLE MAN!!!!! He was very excited that his Birthday had finally come. I had to work in the morning but I was informed that as soon as he woke up, he went into our bedroom and promptly notified the hubby that "Do you know that today is a special day"? I let him choose his cake. He wanted Spongebob Squarepants cupcakes for Thursday and a Thomas the Train cake for Friday. This is the only photo of the evening that turned out relatively well. Little miss snagged a bit of the frosting there in the bottom left. All in all, a satisfying Birthday weekend and he even got a bit of snow to play in :)

It started snowing here in Central Iowa yesterday and continued through to even now, I believe. The hubby set out to do a quick shovel this morning (it wasn't a huge amount of snow) and the minions wouldn't hear of it. Daddy shoveling by himself? Absurd. Little miss armed herself with the rake. Yeah... we graduated to the shovel fairly quickly. Little man was in heaven. Snow, shoveling, falling down/sliding and not getting hurt. Perfect. The minions even got in a bit of snowball action. I'm not sure where her mittens went there. And lets face it. The hubby has never been able to resist packing snow! There was even enough for a wee snowman... or target practice, whichever you prefer.

I suppose I should include some knitting content. I have been knitting away and actually finished up 4 knitting/sewing projects this weekend, which is nice. The one project that I can share at the present time was among little man's Birthday presents. I was informed a week ago Thursday, by little man, that I needed to make him a pair of socks for his Birthday. I let him choose from the stash and he came up with ArtYarns Supermerino. I believe the colorway was 123. I knit the first sock on the way to Chicago last weekend where we celebrated my hubby's Grandmother's 80th birthday. The family and I gifted her with a Hemlock Ring Blanket but as I forgot my camera, I'll have to post pictures later as they are still on my FIL's camera. I finished little man's second sock this weekend and he wore them proudly. It was apparent that I will have to knit him another pair rather quickly at the rate his feet lengthen!

That's about all for now. I will have a couple free sock patterns posted here in the near future so be looking for those :)

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Bea said...

They have such cute cold red noses! I hope you are well, its good to hear from you!