Sunday, November 02, 2008

This Past October...

As promised, I wanted to share some pictures taken by my SIL during her trip (she brought her hubby M) to Iowa this past October, along with a few photos taken by my MIL during said trip. AND... I also wanted to direct you to my sidebar for a moment as Karen Lueder Imagery has been replaced by Snapdragon Imagery, my SIL K's new website!!! J did a great job designing the new site so you should go there and check it out :) While there is no actual knitting content in this post, you can check out the minions' hand knit hats in action.

Now, onto the photos. I suppose I should just do this chronologically. My SIL decided that it would be really fun to surprise her mother and basically lie and tell her that she would be coming in early on a Saturday morning when, in reality, she showed up late Thursday night. This was done because my MIL and FIL babysit the minions on Friday afternoons so I can get some hours in at work. The plan worked perfectly regardless of the fact that each of us "in the know" almost ruined the surprise once or twice. So, Friday afternoon we were hanging out outside waiting for my MIL to show up. When it got close to that time, my SIL and her hubby M went and hid along with the minions for Grandmama to then find. I think she was a bit surprised don't you?
After many hugs and a few slaps, we headed down to my in-law's lake house for an overnight where we were all able to relax. The minions love to go on nature walks and collect special treasures.

If you look closely at little man you will notice a lovely little grasshopper on his wrist and little miss was sure excited about the grasshoppers too, though she was a bit slow at trying to catch one. It was fun watching her get crouched down ready to touch it and the thing would hop off... she would follow and get crouched down again...

During this particular walk, little man had accumulated 3 or 4 different caterpillars that he would let crawl along his arms... and then he would lose them somewhere in the wagon and we would find them all again. Some of those little things were pretty speedy! Here's little man showing one of them off for everyone.
Of course there were the obligatory "everyone get together" photos.

M headed back to Portland earlier than K did, so the rest of the time was spent hanging out at our house. We took the minions to the playground and had a quick bite to eat at a local restaurant before sending K back to Oregon. It was a brief, but nice visit all around.

Thank you K for providing your photos and here are a couple "couple" photos of K and M taken by my MIL during their visit.


Bea said...

Love the photos. Looks like it was a really fun visit!

Karen said...

OBLIGATORY!? Makes family photo time seem like such a chore! :) Mom is not going to be happy about the surprise photo being posted because she wanted me to delete it from my camera....oops. Sorry Mom.

-SIL "K"