Friday, October 10, 2008

Changing Seasons

Once again, it has been a while since I posted so I thought I would give a minion update as well as show some of the knitting that hasn't been of the stealth/Holiday variety. Normally I am not a "Summer person" as I tend to prefer the cooler temperatures but for whatever reason, it is hard for me this year to imagine days like this are all but over. I looked out into the yard one day and saw that our leaves had already started to fall and I hadn't even made the minions' hats yet! That was quickly remedied. I decided to make one more of the Baby Norge Hats for little miss and found a fun hat pattern for little man, the Jacques Cousteau Hat. For little miss' hat, I used Mountain Colors 4/8 in the Gray Wolf colorway and I used Fearless Fibers Sportweight in the Alaska Colorway (held doubled) for little man's. After I blocked little man's hat I found that it fit me perfectly. Perhaps one for me in Fearless Fibers' Brick House colorway that I have sitting in my stash. I have also finished the mates to some of my single socks. This is one of the patterns that I designed for my friend J's Autumn sock kits called Shelves Upon Shelves. And I finally got around to finishing the 3rd of 4 pairs of socks for my Aunt M. This was just a simple 3x1 rib in Sunshine Yarn's Earth Day colorway. The rest of my current WIP's and recently finished projects will be revealed at a later date.

This past September 13th, my parents, the hubby, and I took the minions to see Thomas the Train at the Boone Scenic Railway again. They both had a fun time. They got to see Thomas and Sir Topham Hat... little miss was very excited! And, we even got to go for a little ride on Thomas! Little man enjoyed looking out the window as we passed snow plows, retired passenger (?) cars, and the other scenery. Those snow plows look rather menacing in person! Little miss was rather sleepy at this point and was able to snuggle a bit with Grandma S. All of the kids who rode the train received a special certificate. I think the hubby was a little too excited about it! Actually, the only reason that I am including this rather ridiculous photo is because he was joking about me putting it on the blog so... there you go hon! Little miss' rest time during the ride certainly did the trick; she was quite the ham right after the train ride was over.

They had a small car that the kids could climb on and "steer" the train.

I suppose I should report on our new neighbors. The Gnomes are making themselves quite at home in our tree and have since added a mail box and a little broom right outside their door. I will have to get a better photo of it to show you. BUT, the real big news is we have 2 MORE neighbors. Little man and I happened across the Hitchikers Guide to the Galaxy on television and he seemed to enjoy "Sci-fi". Shortly there after, we noticed that two travelers had crashed in our yard.
The male looks rather perplexed while the woman just looks annoyed. The minions were extremely excited about their discovery and were worried that they might get cold at night as we found them around dusk. They wanted to put a towel or a blanket over them so they would be nice and cozy. Since then, the minions have become rather attached to the new "people" and enjoy relaying the story about "how they were flying across the sky when their ship broke down and they crashed into our yard" to anyone and everyone including my SIL K when she and her hubby M traveled here from Oregon for a little visit last week.
My SIL is sending me some photos of their trip so I will post those shortly. It was a nice week and a lovely visit. I think everyone was a bit sleepy by time it came to an end.Here's one last photo for you!


Bea said...

The kiddos are so cute. I totally remember seeing my best friends kids when they first saw the Thomas train down south of here. They were so excited.

Your knitting looks great as well!

Karen said...

The Thomas photos are awesome!