Friday, June 27, 2008

By jove, she can be taught!

Just a quick note for you today. I thought I would start by sharing photos of the Granny Square blankets that I am making for the minions. Yes, you read correctly. Granny Square as in Crochet. I have mentioned before that I'm fine wielding 2 needles but you give me 1 hook and I'm at a loss. I received a little tutorial and I was off. Well, off to make 2 identical giant blankets using a few basic crochet stitches. It's a start anyway. Last summer I was gifted a bunch of yarn from J and M while they were on Holiday and I knew that it was destined for a blanket.
Little man liked his sister's blanket-in-progress so much that he had to have one of his own. My original plan was to finish the blanket in honor of little miss' 2nd birthday (which is tomorrow!!!!! How is my little baby 2 already????) but I put hers aside and started in on his.

You see, little man had his 4th eye surgery (on his right eye only this time), this past Monday. I wanted to be sure that he knew that I was making something special for him so I jumped right in on his. I gave little man free reign over the colors in his blanket. I took him to the store to buy some yarn and I tell you what, the boy was giddy. Such a proud Yarn-y-Mom moment. He was walking around picking up skeins and saying "I want this one and this one and this color would be good...". His blanket could get interesting but in a good sort of way. Here's an in-progress photo of his blanket. I'm sure you're all on the edge of your seat at the mention of "eye surgery" so I'll get into a few little details for you. All went well... What had happened after his earlier surgery this past January is that the inner eye muscle of his right eye slipped and wasn't attached to his actual eye ball which is why it was deviating to the right so much. The surgeon was able to locate the muscle and reattach it to his eye. I'm not posting any photos of his eye at this time because of his numerous surgeries, his eye looks the worst after this one - not horrible but perhaps a little too gory for the blog. He even got a nice little shiner out of it! He's doing well though, quite the little trooper :) Now the hubby and I get to "keep him calm, no wrestling, no roughhousing, no basketball or baseball, no swimming..." for a month. Ha ha ha ha ha. I don't know how we're going to succeed with that task, but so far so good. It's getting to be more of a chore as he's feeling better and wants to burn off some of his energy. I'll keep you posted! This weekend is supposed to be nice and the sun might even show up so I should have some pictures of the minions next post. Enjoy your weekend!


SockMamaLiz said...

1. Happy Birthday to your little lady!

2. Glad the surgery went well! I know how hard it is to keep the kiddos calm, hmm... maybe lots of books? coloring? videos? It's so tough this time of year.

3. Crochet! I'm horrible at crochet, so any tips you want to share with me, I'd appreciate! Thing is, I sort of know how to and find it addictive. Plus, even though I crochet badly, it seems to go so much faster than knitting.

~Knitting Up A Storm~ said...

Ah! Beautiful! I wish I could crochet. I somehow can't get that art down.

Happy b-day to your girl!

LizzieK8 said...

Congrats on learning a new skill! You'll be surprised how handy it will come in even with your knitting projects!

The blankets look great and your little ones will hold on to them for years.

I just finished up a Granny Square scrap blanket for Charity the other day. Now I'm working on a Diagonal Box Stitch, which also is very fast to do. Try one of them next!