Wednesday, September 20, 2006

There is just so much stuff EVERYWHERE!

Whenever the weather starts to cool down I always go through this "I need to clear everything out of my house before I am shut in for the winter or I will go out of my mind" phase. I do it in the spring too. And periodically throughout the year. Love being a Virgo. So that is what I have been doing this morning. Going through clothes, going through the stash and creating a "donate pile", going through the stuff in the computer room..... Over the weekend the hubby took down the waterbed from the spare bedroom and finished some painting touch-ups so I can now try to clear that room out and give it a very thorough cleaning... and begin to rearrange all of the STUFF that is being stored elsewhere in the house. Then I can call someone to take the stuff we don't need/use anymore away and maybe then I can breathe a sigh of relief. Part of my problem is that what "housing minions"
really means is: housing THEIR STUFF EVERYWHERE. Oh well. I'm done ranting now.

Little man wants to show you his muscles.

Not much knitting has been done lately. Last night (when I should have been knitting) the hubby managed to suck me into the vortex of online games and before I knew it it was time for bed. All I managed to do was begin the earflaps for the MSU hat that I will be making for little man as he has outgrown the hat he wore last year. Not enough progress has been made to even show you.

I can show you this though.
I can't say much about it other than it came from Prarieland Herbs and that it smells so fabulous that I could even catch a whiff before I opened the box. Gifts you know. More will be revealed at a later date.

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girlwithasword said...

Hi Erica! I come to see your blog and there's my goodies splashed all over your blog, along with your beautiful kids and some lovely yarn. I am honored! :) -maggie (from prairielandherbs)