Monday, September 18, 2006

Sock Candy

Ha ha, I finally figured out the picture thing! This is a shot of socks for my MIL right after I finished them (mind the end that has not been woven in yet). Pardon the lack of blocking. The hubby was kind enough to hold them up so I could get a shot with a view. Project specs: simple 3x1 rib with garter ridge heel flap. Yarn was chosen by the recipient in the Taos colorway from Dani at SunshineYarns . I actually finished them a few weeks ago but cannot find my camera so I thought I would try to upload a picture that I already had on my computer.

Keeping the momentum going, I thought I would show you the little guy? that was trying to hitch a ride on the Pathfinder. Due to some mild winters the last few years they are making their way north - or so I'm told. Personally I think he looks rather creepy.

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